Tips for avoiding carpal tunnel in the office

Carpal Tunnel is a debilitating condition resulting from repetitive stress. It’s painful and can cut into productivity on top of making one miserable. It’s something all office workers should be aware of, and know how to avoid. The most common cause of carpal tunnel for office workers is the computer mouse. I personally had a bout with carpal tunnel in 2003, which I dealt with by becoming a left-handed mouser for several months.

UPDATE HERE: If you are experiencing RSI from overuse of a mouse, the best solution (apart from mousing with the other hand) is a trackball mouse. (need to figure out a way to present such links so that the user knows what’s up.)

The New York times has a piece with some great advice for preventing this form of RSI. Primarily you want ergonomically friendly hardware and equipment (link to our corresponding site page here… trackballs and split keyboards, etc). You should mind your posture, avoid too much repetition, and take regular breaks to stretch and vary your movement when having to perform repetitive tasks such as data entry, heavy typing, and the like.

Here’s the full article with all the tips: