Supply Closet Check-Up


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Summer is the perfect time to do a supply closet check-up! From Hammermill paper and Pentel pens to Jiffco markers, we have all of your supply closet needs. Need extra storage? We have Business Source storage boxes and file folders. … Continue reading

Redline 2016 Gift Guide


Redline’s Gift Guide for the Last-Minute Shopper: 2016 Edition


Here at Redline, we strive to make our customers’ lives a little easier. To ease the burden of holiday shopping, we’ve put together a custom gift guide for everyone on your Christmas list. All these goodies are straight from the Redline catalogue and with next-day shipping available on most items, we’ve got all your last-minute shopper needs

Mom: Your mom will likely spend her holidays trying to make yours as awesome as possible. Give the gift of relaxation with a Lorell Leather High-Back Executive Chair and offer to AT LEAST do the dishes.

Dad: Millennials, this gift idea is for you! Toss a stunning Century II Fountain Pen in Pop’s stocking. Later on (after a few Christmas cocktails) ask him to use said pen to be a co-signer on your student loans.

Brother: A Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit will make the perfect gift for your ornamentscompetitive bro. When he inevitably gives you a puzzled look, tell him that he’s gonna need it for when you wreck him at a game of COD later on.

Sister: Tell your sister you bought her a gorgeous pair of heels with a red bottom sole. She’ll expect Louboutins- but when she unwraps two Swingline High Heel Staplers, we anticipate she’ll be equally- if not more so impressed.

Aunt: Give the gift that keeps on giving- ergonomics of course! Gift her a Wrist Rocker Mouse Pad and she’ll be reminded of you every time she wakes up without carpel Way to go!

Uncle: Does your Uncle have a nasty habit of making inappropriate comments at the dinner table? Make him a World’s Best Uncle certificate with a frame from Lorell, to let him know the holidays wouldn’t be the same without him.

Cousin: How close you are to your cousins varies drastically by family. If you’re not so close, gift them a Journal by Tops and let them know it reminded you of them. If you are close, still get them the journal and tell them to take notes- this is how everyone’s favourite does gift-giving.

Grandparents: A Brass Swing Arm Floor Lamp from Ledu will help your grandparents SEE that you’re definitely their favourite. Expect a #1 Grandkid mug in your near future.

merry-christmasCo-Worker: A pack of Highlighters from BIC is a great way to let your coworkers know that they brighten your day. It also passively aggressively lets them know that you’re aware they stole yours…

Teacher: Toss together a thoughtful gift basket for the teacher in your child’s life. Regardless of the type of basket, be sure to sneak in a PaperMate Correction Pen. They’ll think back to your sweet gift and surely use it to change that C to a B.

Bus Driver: A bus driver carries you or your loved one’s life in their hands, so they should definitely be juggling a coffee too. Keep them happy and alert with Wolfgang Puck K-Cup Coffees.

Significant Other: Like Santa himself, sneak around late at night and leave Super Sticky snow-manPost-it Notes all over the house with cute little love notes, or coupons written on them. They’ll think it’s adorable, and probably won’t even realize how last minute it was.

Your Kid: Mr. Sketch Scented Markers not only smell great, but will also make you look like a great parent, as there’s no doubt they’ll help boost your kids’ art grade and classroom popularity.

Someone Else’s Kid: A Baumgartens Easy Squeeze LED Flashlight makes the perfect gift for any kid who’s not yours. Let them know it’s to keep them safe from the monster that lives in their closet. The real gift is how much it will annoy their parents.

Top 10 Tips to Ensure Great Customer Service

Great customer service is the top priority here at Redline, so much so that we made our slogan: Service to the max!

We understand that in order to develop strong relationships with current and future customers, their expectations and needs have to be met. Serving custms-shutterstock-pic-164375498-stock-photo-good-service-makes-the-differenceomers correctly is integral to any successful business and when customers are taken care of properly, they will become repeat customers and could help grow your business through great reviews.

Meeting customer expectations often comes down to consistency; checking in with your customers and making sure they are happy with not only the products but also the service they receive over the phone. Here is a list of 10 tips that will ensure great customer service every time:

  1. Know Your Product/Service

In order to provide invaluable help to your customers you need to know what you are selling. We mean, really know it, inside and out. It might be a good idea to think about the most commonly asked questions clients tend to ask and ensure that you have an answer for them.

  1. Patience

If customers reach out for support, when they are dazed and confused, it is thimagese ideal opportunity to interact and better understand their problems. Being patient and explaining to the customer what you can do to help in their situation will diffuse the problem, and will make the customer feel appreciated.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty and transparency with your customers proves that you truly care about their happiness and satisfaction. Even if the message you are sharing isn’t necessarily a positive one, customers will undoubtedly respect your honesty with them. Sometimes we have defective toners, but have a 100% guarantee and send out replacements at no charge to our customers.

  1. Train Your Staff

It is fundamental that staff is properly trained and that they all understand how to deal with customers and any problems that arise. The way employees interact with customers plays an important part in whether the customer will call back or place an order, so it is essential that they know how to problem solve or who to contact if the dilemma escalates.

  1. Confidence & Clear Communication

Ensure that you sound confident in your conversation whether over the phone or in person, and you’ll find that convincing customers is much easier. Additionally you’ll want to convey exactly what you mean. Customers like to know exactly what they are receiving and the price they are getting it for. In some cases prices increase, and it is always respectful to inform the customer before they place the order.

  1. Say Thank Youthank you

A key aspect of your customer relationship is loyalty and saying thank you. This is particularly important for telephone communication when what you say is your only form of interaction. Saying thank you can be in form of a card or even something as simple as bringing coffees with a customer’s subsequent order.

  1. Respond Quickly

When it comes to customer service speed is a big factor; especially when a client is requesting something that is time sensitive. No one likes to be put on hold for hours or wait days for email correspondence.

  1. Go That Extra Mile

Going that extra mile can really impress both new and existing customers. When a customer feels appreciated, they will likely be more satisfied with your service and this could lead to more orders in the future.customer service

  1. Learn From Feedback

You might be surprised at what you can learn from customer feedback. Use surveys, feedback forms and questionnaires to find out what they think of your business, products and services. Try and make it common practice to ask customers first-hand for feedback when they are completing their orders. Don’t forget that while you don’t want to see much of it, negative feedback can be just as helpful.

  1. A Customer is for Life

Above all, venture to keep your customers happy and in turn they will be loyal to you. Think of the process as a long term solution as clients continue to recommend you to others.


Great customer service is an vital part of any successful business, so make sure to keep these tips in mind!

Tips for avoiding carpal tunnel in the office

Carpal Tunnel is a debilitating condition resulting from repetitive stress. It’s painful and can cut into productivity on top of making one miserable. It’s something all office workers should be aware of, and know how to avoid. The most common cause of carpal tunnel for office workers is the computer mouse. I personally had a bout with carpal tunnel in 2003, which I dealt with by becoming a left-handed mouser for several months.

UPDATE HERE: If you are experiencing RSI from overuse of a mouse, the best solution (apart from mousing with the other hand) is a trackball mouse. (need to figure out a way to present such links so that the user knows what’s up.)

The New York times has a piece with some great advice for preventing this form of RSI. Primarily you want ergonomically friendly hardware and equipment (link to our corresponding site page here… trackballs and split keyboards, etc). You should mind your posture, avoid too much repetition, and take regular breaks to stretch and vary your movement when having to perform repetitive tasks such as data entry, heavy typing, and the like.

Here’s the full article with all the tips: